Thursday, May 14, 2015

State of the Blog

Hi folks. Recently, blogging had to move to the backburner for the past week due to an unexpected family tragedy, after which I came down with a nasty cold. Now that a particularly bad week is finally behind me I can get back to blogging. Let’s start with a couple of updates.

There’s a few projects I’ve been working on that you’ll be interested in. First off, after receiving a few well-intentioned tips for improvement I’m redesigning the blog. The new template will be much crisper, clearer, and less busy. Second, next month I’m launching my very own Youtube channel! Content currently planned will consist of Dungeons & Dragons Quest Vlogs, starring the players of a new campaign set in Erebus called "Glorious Bastards". This second group will be in the same campaign world as the players of my current "Pirates of the Aegean" campaign with opportunities for fun crossover events.

In addition, I’ll vlog about some other fun stuff with my gaming buddies, including discussions on gameplay and tactics in a variety of tabletop games ranging from 40k to board gaming. Also, I've got another project in the works. It's a special pdf I've been planning for a while now, but more on that at a later date.

The immediate future and next couple of months will be full of content. I'm ready for summer!


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