Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Game Table Ideas II

The holiday season is coming up and guess what Santa, I want a game table! Well, maybe this one is too big for the fat man in red to deliver, so this’ll be a gift from me to me. I went back to the drawing board and came up with two new designs. Let’s dive in.
I started with the basics of the design, a table with a 4’x4’ inset that can expand into a 6’x4’. I’m looking for a minimalist approach where I can, while still including all the features I want. The 4x4 inset allows a full game of X-wing inside the table, and the 6x4 for warhammer or a large group of D&D. Unlike last time, I’m ditching the mode where it collapses to a 4’x2’ surface. It’s not necessary. This is replacing a coffee table, so there’s no need to be any smaller than what it’s replacing.
How to collapse it? Figured a 1’x4’ leaf hinged to each half of the table could fold under when collapsed, with the inner leaves either held to the underside by strong magnets or latches. Throw on the flip draws and we have this.

Then I thought what’s going to hold this up? And what is the sliding mechanism going to be? Found an interesting model for a sliding mechanism in SkethUp, and then someone selling a working model of it for $80.

As for the legs, there’s some interestingly shaped posts at the shop. I’m thinking hinges again to make the whole thing collapsible and transportable. Though the amount of wood is going to make this really heavy.

This is the table folded. I think it’ll make a good sled.

All in all, there’s some serious design flaws for a transportable, collapsible game table that can expand large enough to accommodate a large group of people or an army sized miniature wargame. Back to the drawing board.


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