Thursday, November 26, 2015

Game Table Ideas III

Here’s the next iteration of my game table. Found some truly ingenious ideas from websites like and videos posted by makers. There’s so many awesome features I want to add, but first thing’s first. This table needs a skeleton, which needs to be done before adding on all the extra bells and whistles (like making it glow!).

In the video above you can see how the the legs unfold into a configuration that increases the table’s height while making it sturdy. It’s so cool, but there’s a lot of dead space in those legs. The first thing I did was draw a version of the legs where a drawer could fill all of that empty space.

You’ll notice a little notch I left in the casing for the drawer. This is so that when the inset leaf - which is a single 2’x4’ (¾” thickness) - is extended in the table’s upright mode it will sit flush with the two table halves.

The problem with this design is the mechanism (which isn’t included in the design) to pull the table halves not only apart but down ¾ of an inch will be kinda messy. It might even have to be a custom job. Definitely not workable. Plus this version of the table isn’t easily transported. It was a fun design but in the end not what I’m looking for. I’ll leave you with some of those bells and whistles I mentioned earlier. Enjoy!

Glow Table

Infinity Table (Legs?)

Wire Inlay

Inlaid Dove Tails

Birch Slice Table (this’ll make a nice cover to fill the inset)

It’s amazing what you can find on youtube.


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