Sunday, December 6, 2015

Game Table Ideas IV

The next iteration of this table led me to consider how to make the best use of empty space. While going about solving the problem of expanding the table length, I found another fantastic solution on the internet.

Baix Moduls has an expanding table, and the table itself is the drawer. When you pull it apart, inside is a folded leaf which can be pulled to open it. Then you can pull the leaf, and it rolls along a rod and up a slide opening and lying flush with the table on its own. Here’s the video and this one shows it from the other side.

Then in SketchUp I drew these:

The main part of the table sits on a box which holds the inner leaf, leaving a ton of empty space. What to do? Fill it in with more utility. As the process went on, eventually I realized the table was too heavy to be portable, and that portability had become the least important feature for me. Which is why I’ve decided to abandon it as a feature of this project. There are some interesting solutions around the web, but I don’t want to sacrifice any of the other uses this table will have. For now I’ve put the portable gaming table into my ideas file for a future project. After making peace with this, here’s what happened next:

The box with the leaf was too boring for me, so I made it bigger until it was flush with the table. With a new tier I’ve got a whole ton of options and extra storage space. Also threw on a few cabinet doors to the corners. The next two pics are what it looks like as it opens.

It still needs some tweaking. There’s a few liberties I took with the drawing that won’t translate well to into RL (2d surfaces and such). Going to redraw it and make a parts list as I go along, then add a cabinet underneath it to serve as the base. Then I’ll add some holes and such for wiring, LEDs, and outlets, plus maybe a few of those bells/whistles I talked about last time. We’re in the home stretch. Next post will be the finished design, and then it’s on to making this a reality!


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